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Inside Sales, Will Call Representative

Posted Jan 31, 2019
Inside Sales/Will Call Representative.
A. R. Chambers Supply, is dedicated to total quality while delivering customer satisfaction through superior product knowledge and customer service in the construction industry. We have been in
business since 1945 and are proud to serve the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with construction supplies.

Currently we are looking for a Inside Sales/Will Call Representative who will be trained in-house and
work along with other Inside Sales/Will Call Representatives.

Responsibilities and Requirements for this position include:
 Administrative duties to include: checking voicemails in the am, terminal management, opening and closing of doors, docks, and showroom floor.
 Selling skills will be needed to: review warehouse to see what to sell, brainstorm Hot Sheet ides, and prepare showroom by bringing Hot Sheet items to front of store. Candidate will also need to re-arranging sections of the show room to display.
 Key mindset of this position is the showroom should be considered Your’s to manage therefore additional responsibilities related to this goal will consist of keeping the showroom clean and
restocking when necessary.
 Previous sales or construction knowledge, a plus
 Greet customers in a professional manner
 Take orders properly, prepare quotations.
 Troubleshoot questions from customers
 Computer experience a requirement
 Great organizational and communication skills

You will be trusted to manage the store when you are onsite and give continued friendly and approachable customer service. There is a lot of potential in this position to manage your career and be
trusted by management to do a good job.

This is a Monday - Friday position with no overtime hours.
If interested in hearing more, please submit resume to Dayna Phillips at: dphillips@georgelwilson.com or 412.952.6881 to discuss position and interview process.

Visit our website at: www.archambers.com to learn more about the company, the stability, and history of our work.

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